A new activity and an appealing adventure for visitors

bénévoles GivaudanFinanced by the Givaudan Foundation and by the town of Coupvray, the Garden of the Five Senses was designed by Thierry Rousset, landscape architect and Director of Technical Services at Coupvray. Teams of volunteers from the Givaudan company participated in the creation of the garden and the Louis Braille trail. The Foundation has also created an "odors and fragrances" activity in the museum.

It invites visitors to explore all the senses, smell, taste, touch, sight, and hearing, with more than 500 different plant varieties that can be smelled, eaten, touched, heard, and looked at, including stevia, oyster plants, chili peppers, peppermint, paper reed (a smell close to castor oil), and many more.

The areas in the Garden stimulate specific senses with each one forming a circular shape that envelopes the visitors, thus echoing Braille’s raised dots. 

An immersive experience offers a remarkable adventure that stimulates a myriad of sensations as visitors enjoy an intense sensorial journey that is deeply anchored in history. 

Seen from above, the five areas are grouped in separate circles, thus recreating Braille writing.

In this Garden, emotions are guaranteed!


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