exposition7 colors

7 blind people, overpowered by these 7 colors, reflect on what feelings they evoke for them. 

Based on these feelings, 7 perfumers created 7 perfume notes.

All this to lead visitors by the tips of their noses for a unique olfactory guided tour with a very colorful mix of fragrances!
Conceived by Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos, an artist and fragrance architect, and Jean-Guillaume Mathieu, an artist and writer dedicated to the concept, this project was possible thanks to the skills sponsorship of the Givaudan Foundation, whose perfumers or “Noses” (French: les nez), transposed the olfactory experiences of seven blind people. The project also received funding from the French Ministry of Culture and Communication.

Draw me a Rainbow is a compassionate initiative driven by curiosity. It wants to give a voice to those who we do not usually hear from when it comes to colors and their representations. 

It aims to create an artistic space that entices visitors to listen to, meet, and thus share the personal stories of men and women who are blind and yet, in many ways uniquely perceptive.

This project also wants to take color beyond the narrow confines of what’s visual, raise questions and thus go further in order to perceive the invisible. It demonstrates that our way of seeing is undoubtedly the most common, but it is not the only possible or right one.

Take a boot on the Laceys-Vos Gather, as well as, Sensteinus Grantis!